The ground rules

Goal: Complete compelling, transportive story. Protect against suckiness though editing. Bake humble pie. Serve with generous portion of ice cream.

  1. Original Milestone: 100,000 words by July 4, 2007 (while I still think of this as the deadline, it’s simply not realistic. I’ve a high school reunion in Columbus on July 7, so if by some stretch of time and space I’m able to complete the first draft, then I’ll book a flight.)
  2. Milestone: 100,000 words by September 30, 2007. (595 words per day, 126 days).
  3. Milestone: Second draft, October 31, 2007.
  4. Milestone: Agent queries, November 30, 2007.
  5. Milestone: Sign with Agent, April 2008 – I realize that this blows my original time line, but you never know.
  6. Milestone: Sign book contract, August 2008. [NOTE: Seems to me I read somewhere that everyone is on vacation – and rightfully so – in August. If I find more concrete source than “I think I remember reading somewhere” I’ll post it.]

Yup, ambitious. But certainly possible. Anything is possible. I know I can hit the manuscript and second draft marks. The rest is out of my control.

Goal for this journal: To start a conversation. To be honest, it’s the marketer in me. The odds against a book becoming a success are demoralizing. Therefore, any work I can do in advance to better my odds is, in my estimation, nearly as important as the story itself.

With that in mind, after the initial launch of this little ol’ documentary, I’ll limit myself to 15-minutes per entry. Really, I have an egg timer and the stones to use it.

Why start this documentation now? Because I wanted to see if I had the wherewithal to complete the manuscript. I didn’t want to leave another piece of debris floating around the matrix. After 30,000 words, I’m confident I can finish.

So, tomorrow, we’ll start with the 15-minute rule.


126 days remaining.


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