The lunch break

Trying something new for lunch: Writing. Better said: writing without looking like I’m writing. A sad commentary that springs directly from my high school days; the need to appear tragically hip at all times. Sadder still that I’ve been out of high school for nearly two decades.

Typically I eat my lunch at my desk. My wife’s cooking is the best I know. It’s like we live in a restaurant. Really, in eight years, there have been two dinners that we didn’t like. She’s amazing. Lunch today? Four cheese Mac-n-Cheese with grilled garlic chicken. I am a lucky man.

The result of this experiment? Of the hour (and it was really weird to not work for that hour) I managed to write approximately 15 minutes before I had to answer client questions. The rest of the time I spent on an Agent research. Cart before the horse. Terrible use of time.

Trying to track down a rough indication of the industry vacation schedule, but I couldn’t remember where I saw reference to it. It’s from one of the more than thirty RSS feeds I have pinging around my desktop.

Quality of the Written Work: Fair to good. The idea that germinated is engaging.

Today’s Overall Distractions: Yard work, family time, and spouse time

Way over my 15 minute post time limit. Now it’s bed time.

124 days remaining.


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