Talking (and blogging) about writing vs. actually writing

Always a troubling topic. When is one a detriment to another? I’ve been focused on my little deadlines. (September 31 is creeping closer every minute – 2810:43:15 at the time of this post.) It’s another reason why I’ve given myself a 15-minute per post time limit. Get in, get out, get back to work. The trouble is, I find myself thinking about what it is I should post when I should be working on the story.

Lunch break update: It’s been a nominal success. Out of a four day week – we had Monday off for Memorial Day, I managed two days of writing during my lunch. I needed to work through the other two. That’s the one downside of my gig, account directors enjoy going to lunch and taking clients to lunch. Content strategists, on the other hand, have deadlines set by account directors, typically with a “sure, we can post that right after lunch.” Be sure though, I would never switch places. Account directors are on the front lines handling relationships and smiling through insults that would make a sailor blush. Pardon my gross generalization of sailors. It was convenient and I’m on a tight time schedule.

Distractions: Several. Primary, our yard/landscaping. We’re right in the thick of it. I need to finish to provide my family a place to run around, rather than run on me (and by extension the laptop). Family adventures -Hovander Farm, Larribee Beach (sp – I’ll check later, not enough time) trying to exhaust the kids so they’ll sleep past 5:00 am. Books – Just finished Rogue Male by Geoffery Houseman. Started Every Dead Thing by Connelly. I should post my read list.

15 minutes. Later

118 days remaining.


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