Professor Lentz’s name still brings fitful sleep

Wow. I never expected the flood of panic dreams. Evidentially, mentioning Mr. Lentz in the previous post stirred up some long buried anxieties. Sprung, or is it sprang – oh, I’m coming unhinged – to the surface in three separate, miserable dreams. First, I saw my long-time roommate, Ed, studiously preparing for I don’t know what. He sat next to an enormous stack of books. I stopped by his table to say hello, but he just stared at me. Finally, he said, “You forgot again.”

I woke up. Not too bad. I’m not sure what I’d forgotten the first time. Ed had far better discipline than I.

I dropped back off and was promptly greeted by a current co-worker, and pretty good chum, Matthew. Some waking-world context here, Saturday afternoon Matt and his wife, Laura, came by the house to pick up some yard tools. In dream world, he pulled up in his Mercedes and asked how I was doing. He mentioned how he wished he’d started preparing his project earlier in the semester.

Red flag.

Reluctantly, I inquired. He explained with finals starting tomorrow, that he’d spent his time studying, and did not have time to also complete his presentation. Typically, in a dream such as this, I get a bit dizzy or faint right about now.

I admit to Matt that I haven’t begun my presentation either. What’s more, I need to ask for which class and the deadline. Needless to say, I’ve not been to this class at the dream academy. To Matt’s credit, he looked genuinely concerned, rather than break into a generic nightmare’s fit of laughing and pointing. Matt said, “Oh, dude, presentations are due before finals week. Got to turn them in today before 7:49.”

I woke up. This time it took me a bit longer to recognize that it was a dream. Once settled I dropped off again.

Into a big pitch for work. I was supposed to guess which presentation audience member was to receive the envelop full of jewels. I asked a fellow standing at the entrance where I might find the recipient. The fellow was rude and insulting. So, I – contrary to my waking life – popped him in the schnoz and kicked him in the knee. I remember being very specific about kicking him in the knee. That’s when an account director from DDB (she was wearing a red “DDB” pin on her lapel), jumped up from her chair and said, “Perfect, except for the hair!”

Thank God it’s daylight.

104 days remaining (2486: 60: 45)


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