98 Days and Counting

A shift in the para-dig-um. My hypothesis which assumed I could write for an hour during my lunch break did not prove valid. Since I’m writing on the downlow, I’ve not mentioned my new lunchtime routine. In short, I’m too approachable when an issue arises.

So, the shift. It occurred organically. On a typical day, I’m done with my work about 3:30 and routed my output to the various account directors for internal review or dispatch to the client. By 4:15 I’m in the clear, which leaves me with a tidy :45 to work on the story. It’s been a very productive shift. I believe it was my single best weekly output to date. Fingers crossed for this week.

By the way, it dawned on me that I need to actually discuss the book. This week I’ll get to the who and the what of a book I started writing on November 5, 2005. Plenty to talk about.

15 minutes. Time.

98 days remaining (2329:30:50)


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