Rachel Wiggins meet Jack Reacher

So I met Rachel Wiggins on the Fourth of July and now I can’t get her out of my head.

[UPDATE: At this point do I need to put a disclaimer that these are characters of fiction and any resemblance or likeness to actual persons real or dead is entirely coincidental? Well if I do, they are.]

Rachel was originally a male and an empty suit character. I was uninterested in writing the empty suit dude, and decided to make it more interesting for me and, hopefully, for an audience. Enter Rachel Wiggins. I’m glad she was lurking about.

Here’s the situation: I’d run into a scene that lagged, which (I hoped) could be improved if made more challenging. The good Dr. Truman Kristopherson needs to make contact with an unsavory counterpart. Easy–too easy. It read that way, too. So, I thought I could throw a wrench into the plan by putting a tail on him. Thing is Tru previously proved to be clever and evasive. So just dropping a tail on the good doctor, and allowing the tail to keep pace with him, diminished his capability. I’m not looking for convenient, I want to keep the reader engaged. Therefore, the tail needed to be clever, too. And pretty flippin’ smart.

Hello Rachel. She’s smart like the Numbers brother guy, but not the Dr. Fleishman guy. The fictional Rachel Wiggins (not the goal scoring soccer phenom from George Mason. She’s a starting forward with 17 goals in three seasons and probably in the middle of two-a-day practices right now. Go Pats) is plain of appearance, like a substitute barista. And she’s got a chip on her shoulder. Like one of the boys from my youth that was shorter than most and would beat you with his shoe if you were foolish enough to say so.

What’s more – and best of all – she’s quirky. As I’ve discovered, she loves new carpet. I can’t wait to see what else she does. She’s the perfect foil for Willie Ortiz. A wild card I can rely on to stir things up just as my interest in a situation is waning.

Oh, and Jack Reacher? I just picked up Lee Child’s new Bad Luck and Trouble today. I’m hoping it won’t effect my daily word count too terribly.

And Lee, you know this, I tell after each new read, Jack Reacher is the coolest thing since Indiana Jones.

15 minutes. I’m out.

85 days remaining (2027:07:56)


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