Power cords blow

The wireless router died last week at home. OK, let’s try that sentence again. Back in three, two…

Last week, I lost my internet connection at home because our wireless router died. The router is fine. The 5.0v power cord kicked the AC/DC bucket. Here’ s the scam, the power cord from our router-router (our non-wireless router) is a 5.0v, but a different size. $43 later, we have an internet connection again. That’s not the reason why I’ve not been able to keep to my debut novel manuscript nightly word quota. You see, I’m not a programmer, but I play one at work. I’ve got this crazy project going out at the same time another crazy project is going out, while another crazy project is starting.

Long/short: business for the company (17 people including principals and me) has doubled – upwards of $5 million (estimated) for the year, and we’re booked into October 2008 (if ever there was a moment I’ve wanted to capitalize numbers, that was just it). Ooh, I’ll try a bold tag <b></b>. (Yeah, I know I’m a codeslinger dressed as an ultra hip writer guy. As Toy Story Woody would say, “If the boot fits.”) 2008 (nice), but we have not doubled our staff…wait, I feel a math visual analogy coming. I’m unstoppable.

Work load(2) + 0 New staff = Pete’s slinging code!

Truth be told, I really enjoy it. It’s fun because it’s a puzzle. I work with some awesomely talented and patient developers who are buried with work, so I’m happy to help out. It’s just I don’t know many timesaving tricks.

Case in point, this afternoon I was pulling my hair out trying to plug a list into a table. Throwing down a little <ul></ul> here; a little <li></li> there, you know, noob stuff. Since a page of code makes me go cross-eyed, it’d been about an hour and I’d slammed out three <td></td>s full of some pretty sweet three item lists.

That’s when it happens, code sensei Matt comes over to my coding dojo workstation to check in on my HTML chi. Then he pulled an HTML 4.0 sweep of the leg.

“Dude, just drop in a <br> and hit it with a / before the arrowy-looking thing.” (Or something like that.) I was like pwned and roflmao and several other instant messaging memes. “OMG,” I said, “CUL8R.” Then I stuck my head in the lunchroom freezer until the office was empty.

Thanks for stopping by.

67 days remaining (1856:09:28)


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