Happy 6th anniversary, most excellent wife

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for 8 years, I knew I was hooked after a week. My wife was a third grade school teacher in Issaquah, Washington before we moved. She’s really good at it and an excellent mother for our two children. Because of her, I am a better man. Eventually she’ll come to her senses.

What’s more, she’s totally into me writing this book.  On that note:

Still slipping – the art of not writing a book

Aw, heck. We got our big project out the door last night. It’s in second beta now. So I won’t need to spend all my time programming and learning about programming and slinging code. Hallelujah.

Last evening we watched the other half of the Alfie Kohn lecture at Stanford University. Turns out J. and I are not doing too terribly on the Kohn scale of just parenting. Slept much easier last night than I did the night we watched the first half of the lecture.

We talked for a long time about child plans. Rather than write, I went into our son’s room and sat in the chair and watched him sleep.

So between big project, Alfie Kohn, and our anniversary, I’m a little further behind than I expected. I’m also curious where the story is going next. The moonshine/ethanol turned out to be more of a plot warp than a wrinkle. Now that they have fuel, why wouldn’t they use it? And if they can use it, why have they stayed put for so long? I think I’ve solved these plausibly, but they do represent a crack that is worth exploring, rather than glossing over.  Think good thoughts for me.

That’s my time for today. Time to go pay attention to the family.

64 days remaining (1522:448:22)


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