Spontaneous Contest – Best Weird Post Headline for 07.31.2007

It’s a brand new feature here at Tap: the Spontaneous Contest. Here’s how the Spontaneous Contest works:

Step 1 – Create contest

Step 2 – Select unwitting winner

Step 3 – Post link

And the winner of the inaugural Tap: Spontaneous Contest – Best Weird Post Headline is:

Odd Uses for Tea Bags

From a favorite blog of mine, the Frugal Duchess.

Judge’s comments:

Majority judge (Me): This headline is exemplary in its traffic attracting intrigue. C’mon, it’s the alpha and omega of mystery and steeped beverage infusion technique. Hands down winner. Minnie Driver’s Ex Inspires Her New Album from People online isn’t even in the same league.
Dissenting judge (Kimble): Needs a number, like 10. At least more than 4. I need to know how many odd uses there are. I’m not going to stop by to read about 4 odd uses. Especially if I decide one isnt’ odd at all. I need at least five solid odd uses for teabags to really grab my eyeballs.


3 Responses to “Spontaneous Contest – Best Weird Post Headline for 07.31.2007”

  1. frugal duchess Says:

    Hey Thanks for mentioning the headline.
    I appreciate the honor.

  2. peterosborne Says:

    Wow! This is quite an honor. The very first comment on Tap is from none other than my favorite frugal gal. Note to my other three or four readers, if you haven’t checked out the Frugal Duchess, do so immediately. She’s got this great save $2-a-day challenge going on, and her tips for extending a wardrobe have saved us a bundle. So, go now. Oh, and check out how creative you can get with a bag of tea. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, Duchess.

  3. Melina Says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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