August 5: Happy Birthday, Joe Wagner

I’m going to try a little test. I’ve an old friend from Upper Arlington with whom I’ve lost touch. His parents have moved, so sending a card to the old Essex Rd. address won’t do. Perhaps someone who knows Joe and is in touch with him will pass along a hello. Goodness knows having a character named “Rachel Wiggins” has driven traffic to Tap. Perhaps hanging a post with Joe’s name in the headline will work some magic.

(Note to Rachel Wiggins searchers – When the name popped into the story, I had no idea there was an actual Rachel Wiggins, soccer phenom at George Washington University. I apologize to any for misleading you from an earnest search for information on an athlete to my little piece of fiction. I believe I’ll change the name of the character. I’m just waiting for her to tell me what her name should be.)

Last time I saw Joe was in Boulder, Colorado. I ran into him at an organic market. This was so long ago that the organic market was still termed a health food store.

At the time, I was in the middle of a grueling, five-week camping trip across country with two women. Up to that point, the trip had been a disaster. Joe had a great apartment off Pearl that he shared with his wife, Lucinda. I got to shower. I guess I looked a little wild. Frazzled. Joe and Lucinda were very kind.

We shared cards back and forth at the holidays for a couple of years, but, to my regret, I was too self-absorbed to put any more effort into keeping up than that.

Joe is on my mind quite regularly. I skipped our 20-year high school reunion this summer. I bet he did, too. I hope he and Lucinda are well. I think of him every year on his birthday. It’s easy to remember, he’s exactly a year younger than my wife.

Happy Birthday Joe and Janet. [Edit: and I’m just informed by my wife, her yoga instructor’s girlfriend is celebrating her birthday, too. If you want your name added to the August 5 birthday list, put your name in the comments, and I’ll add your name to the board.]

56 days remaining (1329:22:54).


2 Responses to “August 5: Happy Birthday, Joe Wagner”

  1. Peter Says:

    I’m kind of looking for the same Joe. We went to Barrington elementary together. One winter day we both got our tongues frozen to a pole. If you see this Joe… join facebook.

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