Don’t need sleep? Try Gingivostomatitis!

Our two-year-old son picked up gingivostomatitis, a wouldn’t-wish-this-on-anyone canker sore nightmare. It’s a virus little people can contract that causes raw, painful sores in the mouth and throat. Fortunately, it is unlikely he will experience this level of discomfort again. There is no medication to be prescribed. It’s a grin-and-bear it infection.

For our son, it was bad for six nights. The virus typically runs its course between 3-10 days with a chance of lasting up to 3 weeks. Janet and I traded off comforting the little guy. He was in pretty good spirits through the day, but at night…sheesh. He is finally on the mend, sleeping without howl or whimper for 8 hours.

In other familial/parental news, Janet and I started a positive discipline parenting course. Janet gets course credit, I get help with my Alfie Kohn issues. The class is based on the Adlerian approach to child development. The root tenant is encouragement to motivate and empower the child, rather than praise and instill a need for external approval. Or something like that. If you’d told me that I’d be sitting for two hours every Thursday in a portable classroom at the technical college…well, it’s just funny what being a parent does to a person.

I haven’t written a damn thing since September 29. Eleven days, 16 hours and some change past my deadline. What have I been doing? The Day Job has been at full throttle. Plus, I completed a side project for the Washington State math program. Grew and shaved a beard. Caught a cold. Watched and continue to enjoy Pushing Daisies. Watched and forgot about Life. Watched and rejected Bionic Woman. Then Netflix delivered Deadwood Season 3, Disc 5, and that’s been about it. On a side note, ever since Comcast pushed new software through to our Comcast DVR, our DVR records Alias for no apparent reason. We didn’t schedule it. We don’t want it, but boy, it sure is on A LOT. It will fill up the hard drive with ‘em.

See, this book writing is a very cerebral endeavor.

11 days overdue (+280:36:58)


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