Rainbows End and the next social network

I’ve been on a Hugo Award winner kick of late. Just finished Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End and prior to that Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin. Science Fiction is not as I remember it. (To be honest, I was more a David Eddings, Stephen R. Donaldson, Terry Brooks kind of kid.) In particular, Rainbows End offers a glimpse of a very possible near future: the world’s populace connected by overlapping networks and near complete immersion in a computer generated virtual reality. I thought it was a terrific read. Then I read this Wired post that describes a similar, probable, scenario. The Wire post linked to Chris Messina’s blog and Tim O’Reilly’s, O’Reilly Radar, and several others, when all of the sudden, it occurs to me. Tracking one idea all over the place makes me tense. It’s great to create associations and all that (see how I slapped in some links there? It’s intentional to give you the same who-said-what experience). I’ll stick to reading the Hugo Award winning books where all the postulation is bound together in one location with pages that turn without a single mouse click.

16 days overdue (+396:46:00)


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