From the ‘Are You Serious?’ Department

After the gingivostomatitis, the wacko parenting class (three weeks to go!), Halloween, and the past week of fevers, I was hoping to start digging back into the story during NaNoWriMo. Not to be. Yet.

Last evening, our water heater died. Just in time for the holidays. So I’ve spent the last couple of hours researching water heaters, electric, gas, tankless. Add water heaters to the list of things in which I do not have a deep interest. Rank it right after auto repair and plumbing, which, in a sense, is related to water heaters.

Tomorrow night I get the pleasure of purchasing a new electric water heater (no time for gas hook up), renting the Lowes truck for $20, delivering the new water heater to our house, returning the Lowes truck, and installing the water heater.

As the sage-like Bono once sang, “Some days are better than others.”


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