Hello, hot water heater nightmare; how may I direct your call?

Another note just in from the ‘Are You Serious?’ Department: the electric is bad, too. Hold on, let me make a call.

[18 minutes later]

I called my father-in-law. He lives in the same time zone and is a retired Boeing electrical engineer (retired and Boeing – trust me I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but not in his case). He’s always good for a chat about how things work, or why they don’t. He’s much more methodical in his approach to reaching solutions. Me? I’m more ‘Damn, where’s the wine bottle.’ He asked if there were any other 20v double pull breakers thrown. There was. The circuit board is mislabeled. Still, FIL wonders what caused the circuit to brea…

Why did the breaker just blow?

[12 minutes later]

Well, something is funky with our electrical. I had my FIL on the phone again while we ran down the possibilities. Looks like a call to the electrician tomorrow. Do you know anyone in the Bellingham area? FIL is inclined to believe the breaker is going bad. Me? I’m on a second glass of wine and wondering if I’ll drag my rear end down to Lowes tomorrow morning – they open at 6:00 am, dontcha know – to grab a Challenger 20v double pull circuit breaker. Or something like that.

Man, what a ragin’ crazy couple of days.

37 days overdue (+911:06:32)


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