Rather than state the obvious…

I’ll just point you to a post from Skelliewag.org that kinda says it all for me. I’ve needed to spend a substantial amount of time on the second draft of the script. Not that the first draft was bad. I’m still very fond of the story. Something I learned from my years of tending bar: a story can always be told better. So could a great many posts for that matter. Please don’t think that I’ve abandoned Tap; rather, if Tap is a blog about the process of writing a book, it seems to me anything other than writing the book is taking away from the process. Chicken, meet egg.

I think we’ll pick back up when we’re closer to querying. I’ve been doing my diligence and researching like a stalker. The agenting hunt shall be both exhilarating and odd.

Oh, and the oven broke. It’s two years old. Put that on the list, too.


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