Girls Retreat – a mother’s finest revenge

I’ll tell you, there is no easier way for a mommy to teach a daddy how important she is to the family dynamic than to go on an overnight adventure with the girls. Janet and the other girls from the Hot Moms’ Night Out gang are off across the bay at an island resort/spa. It’s off-season, so rather than $200 per head, it’s $25.

I’m playing single parent daddy tonight. We’ve played Wii (dubbed Giggles & Giggles by my daughter; I don’t know why), we’ve been to Trader Joe’s, we’ve been to the gelato place, and now Rachel Coleman and the Signing Time crew are playing surrogate parent, while I make dinner and tap this out on the down low. C’mon, I’m here all alone. This is perspective.

Where’s the money coming from? The new freaking water heater, that’s where. saved 248 KWH last month and 513 KWH this month. Shoot.

Oh, the crash from the other room sounded bruise-worthy. I should hear about it in 3…2…1


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