Cringe Video: A personal history

Please pardon the interruption to this regularly writing-centric blog.

My daughter and I were watching Martin Luther King Jr. speeches on YouTube. One of the other videos on the front page featured an old Smiths video. Wow. Education time was over (sorry, sweetie) and daddy’s trip to Video Nostalgia was full steam ahead.

So I used to hang out at Mean Mr. Mustard’s on the Ohio State University campus (High St. shout out – police paddy wagons parked at every intersection would be filled at the end of every evening) in Columbus. In the heyday of alternative music when R.E.M., U2, and the Clash were considered neither Classic, nor Rock, Mustards was a safe haven from the drunken masses getting liquored listening to Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett, Linerd Skinerd, and, heaven help me, James Taylor. Really, James Taylor. He’s big in Ohio.

I never dressed like Ian Astbury, but I did go the dapper vintage sports coat, Morrissey hair, and wingtips route. Ahh, to be 18 again. Here are three classics from the Mustards era. A BIG tip of the hat to the people posting at YouTube for this.

And yes, I danced like Ian (the guy in white) in this first video for “She Sells Sanctuary.”

Cure – “Close to Me.” I love the musical use of a comb.

Smiths – “How Soon Is Now.” I loved LOVED this song because it brought all the young ladies out to the dance floor in spite of my Ian Astbury spastic preening moves.


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