Evernote killer app idea


flickr photo: Gene Hunt

This past week I spent working with all my new Evernote notes. It occurred to me that Evernote would be exponentionally more useful for me if it had a mind-mapping plugin that allowed me to create visual relationships/correlations between separate tag groups and individual notes.

For the number of notes I take and make in an 8 hour period while at the Day Job, the ability to manipulate and arrange items would be far more efficient than the linear tag list.

So those are my two cents.

On a related note, I downloaded XMind, the open source mind-mapping utiltity. I’ve not installed it, but I’m eager to try it out. But not tonight; I’m deep into Daemon by Daniel Suarez. It’s completely stolen my attention today. I was carrying it around the house as I snuck pages while the kids played. I was a bad dad today.



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